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Lucinda Dore is a Solicitor & owner of the firm. She specialises in Private Crime & Regulatory Law, Road Traffic Law, Benefit Fraud and Appeal Tribunals. She has Higher Rights of Audience meaning that she can provide advice and advocacy in both the Magistrates & Crown Court as well as Tribunals.



Lucinda Dore Benefit Fraud solicitor is highly experienced in Benefit Fraud having specialised in this niche area of law for many years.  She has a remarkably successful reputation for defending benefit overpayments and fraud allegations and has been assisting benefit claimants facing Benefit Fraud allegations by the DWP (Jobcentre), HMRC and local authorities for over 19 years.  She will tailor her advice to each individual client, providing bespoke personal representation and her reputation leads her to assist client all around the country. She can assist you from start to finish with the Benefit Appeal (including the Tribunal) if you disagree with the overpayment, represent you at your Interview under Caution and at you Court Hearing if needed. In short, she will be by your side to make sure that you are well represented whether you accept the allegation or not. 

We know that facing a Benefit Overpayment or Fraud allegation can be incredibly daunting.  Most of our clients have never been in trouble with the law before and are usually professionals or parents who don't know where to turn to.  We can help. 

Lucinda Dore Benefit Fraud Solicitor will always listen, understand and help her clients by providing a non judgmental, step by step professional and personal service to her clients.  Her clients are often reassured by the ability to speak to her direct at any time via telephone or email and often praise her for her extensive knowledge of the law whilst maintaining her friendly and and approachable manner.  Lucinda Dore will be able to liaise with compliance or fraud officers to assist in any investigation - she will be able to liaise with the prosecution if you have received a summons to attend court and will attend with you at the interview under caution or court appearance.  You do not need to face this alone, Lucinda Dore will be with you every step of the way to ensure you receive clear, accurate and professional advice and have the right solicitor by your side to defend your case for you. 

Lucinda Dore is also asked to assist clients who feel trapped, knowing that they need to report a change of circumstances but fear that they have left it too late and therefore fear an investigation - Lucinda Dore can help you to volunteer a change of circumstances.  Whatever the Benefit Fraud issue, we can help. 


We can assist in any benefit fraud investigations or prosecutions including:-

- Failing to notify change in circumstances affecting benefits 

- False Representation

- Fraud 

- Cohabiting allegations 

- Disability fraud

- False allegations

- Excess Capital 

We are clear and transparent about our fees and can usually agree a fixed fee as shown below for our representation - that way you know where you stand from the outset.  We will always try to accommodate our clients means where we can why not make use of our free telephone consultation and see how we can help.

FREE Initial telephone Solicitor consultation to discuss your caseFREE
Solicitor Consultation regarding any Benefit Fraud Matter (Virtual)£200
Solicitor Representations to the DWP in relation to any Benefit matter to include Benefit Compliance and Benefit Investigation issue
Solicitor Attendance and Representation at your Benefit Fraud Interview Under Caution£500 *
Solicitor Representation at Magistrates Court (first hearing)£500 *
Solicitor Representation at Magistrates Court Trial£1000 *
Solicitor/Barrister Representation for Crown Court Quoted on request
* Travel surcharge applies to courts and locations outside south east

Contact us now for a free consultation about your own personal case via telephone 03332420691 or email


Our Senior Solicitor Lucinda Dore has a strong and highly regarded reputation for successfully challenging DWP, HMRC and Local Authority decisions at Appeal Tribunals over her many years of practice. Her reputation and success rate takes her all around the country.

Clients praise Lucinda Dore Benefit Appeal Solicitor's approachable and friendly yet highly experienced, organised and well presented case preparation for Benefit Appeal Tribunals, whether this is assistance with the preparation of the appeal or advocacy at the appeal hearing itself.

Lucinda Dore Benefit Appeal Solicitor knows that your appeal is important to you and she will do all that she can to get the right result for you. Lucinda will sympathetically listen to your own case and apply that to the benefit laws and regulations. Lucinda has been conducting Benefit Appeal Tribunals for over 19 years so she can clearly advise the law in clear knowledgeable language and help you decide whether to proceed with your appeal.

We often find that clients do not know where to start when challenging a decision of the DWP, HMRC or Local Authority - We provide a free no obligation telephone consultation for any person who needs help challenging a decision - It can be daunting and at times exhausting challenging a DWP, HMRC or Local Authority decision - We are here help - let us do the hard work for you.

We can guide you every step of the way through the Benefit Appeal process including the following:-

- Mandatory Re-considerations
- Arguments of Official Error
- Supercessions of decisions
- Benefit Appeal Tribunals - including PIP, ESA & Housing Benefit decisions

We are open and transparent about our fees and will always try to accommodate our clients financial circumstances where we can - Lucinda Dore Benefit Appeal Solicitor will discuss the appropriate service for your personal case during your FREE initial telephone consultation.

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How to Appeal a DWP decision

How to challenge a DWP decision

The DWPs role is to assist those who are in need of financial support due to their own personal circumstances but they can at times make the wrong decision.  This may be for a number of reasons but it is usually because insufficient information has been provided to them (ie. By the claimant themselves or another party such as a medical professional). A wrong decision may have been made because the DWP has misunderstood a claimant’s medical condition or personal circumstances or simply because they do not accept the information provided. It can be difficult to sufficiently explain your situation to claim the benefits you are entitled to or you may have forgotten to provide key information to assist your claim. Lucinda Dore Legal Services can help you with this.

Any person is entitled to appeal against a decision made about them or a person that they care for but there is a strict process that needs to be followed:-

Step 1 – Request a Mandatory Reconsideration 

You may request a Mandatory Reconsideration within 1 month of the DWP decision being reached.  A Mandatory Reconsideration is in simple terms a request that the DWP have another look at their decision as they may reconsider it.

There are a number of ways that you can request a Mandatory Reconsideration (you will find the contact details for all the options on the original decision letter):-

If you are not quite sure whether you wish to request a Mandatory Reconsideration, you can simply request a written statement of reasons, which provides more information than the original decision letter – the statement of reasons will explain why they made their decision (this does not apply to PIP decisions as the statement of reasons will be provided with the original decision).  Be careful with the time limits for this however as if you do decide to proceed to a Mandatory Reconsideration – you must do so within 14 days of the statement of reasons.

We can help you making a mandatory reconsideration as the DWP may change their mind with further explanation and information avoiding the need for a formal appeal as explained next -

Step 2 – Appeal to the Social Security & Child Support Tribunal 

If, after your request for the Mandatory Reconsideration, the decision has not been changed, the next step is  to appeal to an independent Tribunal. 

You must appeal within 1 month of the date of the Mandatory Reconsideration.

Appeals are decided by the Social Security & Child Support Tribunal who are independent from the DWP.

At the Appeal Tribunal Hearing a Judge and/or independent medical professionals will make a decision whether the original decision was correct.  You will be able to attend the hearing yourself to give live evidence about your situation and you will be able to submit further evidence in support of your appeal.

We can assist you at any stage of the appeal process.  Contact us today and we can advise you how best to proceed with your appeal.


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Lucinda Dore Legal Services can provide expert legal help for any person who is being investigated or summonsed to appear before court for wrongfully using disabled parking badge.

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Lucinda Dore Benefit Appeal Solicitor continues with her high Success rate and wins yet another PIP Appeal - can she keep up her 100% Success rate so far this year? This very happy customer sought Lucinda Dore Benefit Appeal Solicitors help after the DWP failed to recognize how her daughters Autism affected her on a day to day basis - She has now been awarded her PIP with a full backpayment from the date that she first made a claim. If you've ever wondered Do I need a solicitor for a PIP Appeal? This is a good example to help you answer that question. Lucinda will always offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your Benefit Appeal email her for help -

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DWP decisions can be difficult to challenge - we strongly advise anyone who is seeking to appeal a decision to obtain legal advice at the early stages - don't leave it too late.

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Lucinda Dore Worthing Drink Driving Solicitor regularly attends Worthing Magistrates Court (in fact she attends all courts nationwide) - she is renowned for her non judgemental and sensitive handling of her clients cases, placing all of her clients at ease and achieving the best possible outcome.

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