Local Authority investigations and Prosecutions

"My family and I are sincerely grateful to you for all your efforts, including the time you have taken to listen and write to the council regarding the issue that is no more. It was really reassuring to have you act on my behalf. You demonstrated a high level of professionalism in your approach to the circumstance and truly deserve all the best in all your future endeavors. We really appreciate it"

We can help you if you have received a letter from the council, invited to attend an interview under caution or have received a summons for ANY council matter including;

- Breach of a noise abatement notice

- Breach of a Planning Notice 

- Blue Badge (Disabled Badge) Fraud

- Education Act Offences

- Food Hygiene 

- Fly Tipping

- Animal Welfare

- House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) offences

- Licensing

- Trading Standards 

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