Benefit Appeals and Tribunals

Benefit Appeals and Tribunals

Our Principal Solicitor Lucinda Dore has a built a strong reputation for successfully challenging DWP, HMRC and Local Authority decisions at Appeal Tribunals over her years of practice. 

Clients praise Lucinda's approachable and friendly yet highly experienced, organised and well presented case preparation for Benefit Appeal Tribunals, whether this is assistance with the preparation of the appeal or advocacy at the appeal hearing itself.  Lucinda will sympathetically listen carefully to you own case and apply that to the benefit laws and regulations.  Lucinda has been conducting Benefit Appeal Tribunals for 17 years so she can clearly advise the law in clear knowledgeable language and help you decide whether to proceed with your appeal. 

We often find that clients do not know where to start when challenging a decision of the DWP, HMRC or Local Authority - we provide a free no obligation telephone consultation for any person who needs help challenging a decision - It can be daunting and at times exhausting challenging DWP and HMRC decision - we can help.  

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We can guide you through the Benefit Appeal process including the following:-

- Mandatory Re-considerations 

- Arguments of Official Error

- Supercessions of decisions

- Benefit Appeal Tribunals