Our Fees - Benefit Appeals

Free initial Consultation

  • We offer a free no obligation telephone consultation for any Welfare Benefit Appeal matter

1 hour Office Consultation regarding any Welfare Benefit Matter

  • A one off consultation fee is available for any person seeking advice in respect of any Welfare Benefit matter - for example if you need advice about your next steps, you need a second opinion or you have a Tribunal hearing coming up and simply want some advice as to the law and procedure etc.

Mandatory Reconsideration/Review Advice & Request

  • Sometime a decision can be overturned at the early Mandatory Reconsideration stage. This fee includes a full review of your case and preparation of the Mandatory Reconsideration request. If the decision is not overturned this fee includes the application for an independent appeal Tribunal hearing.

Benefit Appeal Tribunal Preparation & Hearings

  • This fee is for a standard hearing without unexpected postponements or complex legal issues - we will always provide you with clear costs at the initial consultation

Preparation of written representations for Benefit Appeal Tribunal

  • This service available for any person who has requested a paper hearing for a Tribunal but seek assistance to prepare their case. We can also prepare your written appeal submissions for you if you intend to represent yourself and therefore do not require us to attend the hearing with you.

Nationwide Representation for any Benefit Appeal hearing

  • We can represent you at any Tribunal Centre - quotes available on request