Business & Regulatory Crime

Business Crime 

LD Legal appreciates the Reputational and Financial implications a Criminal Investigation or Prosecution can have on your business.  We often find that investigations and prosecutions are wrongly brought against businesses or are a result of actions which Managers or Directors were not aware of or were out of their control.  We will be able to act for your company to robustly defend any criminal investigation against you. Companies often make the mistake of trying to resolve these issues without seeking professional legal advice and most people that we act for wish that they had sought advice and assistance earlier.

We will be able to assist any representative from your firm who is to be interviewed under caution or has been summonsed or charged to attend court.

In some circumstances we are able to attend any court hearing on your behalf to avoid your need to attend in person. 

We can assist you to defend or mitigate any criminal Investigation or Prosecution but have particular expertise in the following:-

  • Police and Crown Prosecution Service investigations and Prosecution for any Criminal offence
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Trading Standards investigations and prosecutions
  • Health & Safety and Environmental investigations and prosecutions
  • HMRC investigations and prosecutions
  • RSPCA investigations and prosecutions
  • Council investigations and prosecutions

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