Food Safety & Hygiene investigations and prosecutions 

LD Legal appreciate that running a successful small food business can be difficult at the best of times but to be faced with an investigation or prosecution can be hugely damaging for a business as not only are they usually sentenced by way of large financial penalties (or in serious cases a term of imprisonment), they can also come with bad publicity, particularly if the local press report the court proceedings.  Lucinda Dore can defend any council prosecution and has assisted restaurants, bars and other small food businesses for a number of years. 

We can assist you to challenge offences such as failing to comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 or offences contrary to the Food Safety Act 1990.  We can also assist those who wish to accept their wrongdoing by providing mitigation to reduce the punishment and has on many occasions successfully negotiated direct with the prosecuting councils to reduce the number of charges that a business faces.

Lucinda Dore Legal Services are always willing to offer fixed fee representation so that you know where you stand from the outset.

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