We can assist any person who is to be interviewed by the police for a Driving Whilst Disqualified offence or has already been charged and is due to attend court. 

The courts take Driving Whilst Disqualified offences seriously. The offence carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 26 weeks.  We can assist any person who wishes to deny the charge at court by pleading Not Guilty or we can attend court to mitigate on your behalf to seek to persuade the court to impose the most lenient penalty available. 

The courts have a sentencing range from a Financial Penalty to imprisonment.  The courts will use the Driving whilst Disqualified sentencing guidelines set in law to decide on the appropriate sentence - the more serious the offence, the more serious the penalty.  For example the courts may seek to impose a term of imprisonment for a person who has very recently been disqualified and there is evidence of a long distance being driven and badly.   However, the courts may be sympathetic and impose a Fine for someone for example who mistakenly drove the day before their disqualification ended and only drove a short distance.  We can attend court for you to direct the Judge or magistrates to the mitigating factors of your case.  We know that it can be difficult for a non lawyer to clearly explain themselves in court or to understand the sentencing guidelines, we can do all that for you making your court appearance easier for you. 

Bearing in mind the potential serious sentencing implications for this offence we always advise any person facing an interview or court appearance to have an experience solicitor in court by your side. 

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