Worried About Losing Your Licence?

We know how important your Driving Licence is to you.  We can help you protect it. 

Don't go into court unprepared.  We prepare your court case in advance

Our solicitors will request a copy of the Initial Disclosure of the Prosecution Evidence (IDPC) from the CPS before your court hearing.  This means you will know exactly what the Police and Prosecution will be saying about your arrest and the case at your court hearing.

Wondering whether to plead Guilty or Not Guilty? We will find any legal arguments that can be made in your case.

We will be able to assess that evidence for you to find any legal arguments that may be possible to avoid a Disqualification from driving.  

Worried about talking in court? We do the talking for you. 

At the very least if you plead Guilty we will be able to mitigate your case in court to achieve the minimum Disqualification Length possible.

Have you been charged or received a summons for Drink or Drug Driving?

Looking for a fixed fee Solicitor for Drink or Drug Driving?

Unsure Whether You Need a Solicitor to Attend Court with You?