Unsure Whether You Need a Solicitor to Attend Court with You?

“I was going to represent myself for the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol but decided to find a solicitor as I feared in front of the judge I would stumble on the words with my regrets on the incident – I had searched around a few solicitors and the fees were astronomical! I got in touch with Lucinda who was non-judgmental and charged a very fair price.  On the court day she spent time with me (also responded to emails before the day) she listened intently to the responses to her questions and conveyed them in a superb manner.  I would not hesitate to contact (or refer) Lucinda again should the need arise"

We often hear from people who find in hindsight that it was a mistake to attend court alone when they realize that they will need to stand and mitigate their actions in open court before a Judge or Magistrate.  

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