Drink & Drug driving solicitors

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Have You Been Charged or Received a Summons for Drink or Drug Driving?

Lucinda Dore Solicitors have over 19 years of Expert Drink and Driving Solicitor experience representing people facing Drink & Drug Driving charges in Courts and Police Stations. Our reputation and unremarkable success takes us around the country.


Worried About Losing Your Licence?

We can help save your Driving Licence or at the very least keep the Disqualification to a minimum.


Looking for a fixed fee Solicitor for Drink or Drug Driving?

We will always be able to agree a fixed fee for a first (and usually the only) court appearance for Drink or Drug Driving offences, this way everyone knows where they stand.


Unsure Whether You Need a Solicitor to Attend Court with You?

Our Clients Will Help You Decide. We've represented 100s of happy clients. Join them.