22 Feb

The police regularly stop and test drivers suspected of Driving whilst under the influence of Drugs (Drunk Driving) - in the same way that they do with Drink Driving.  If stopped and police suspect that you have taken drugs you will asked to undertake an impairment test (walk in a straight line etc) or they can test for Cannabis and Cocaine at the roadside using a drug testing kit.  If you fail either of these tests (even if the presence of drugs didn't affect your driving) you will be taken to a police station where you will be required to provided a specimen of blood which will then be sent off for analysis.  It can be an agonising wait whilst the results are being prepared and in the meantime we find that people have no idea what the legal limits actually are or once charged people have no idea how far over the limit they were -  this table shows the current legal limits for Drug Driving to help you. 

DrugThreshold limit in microgrammes per litre of blood (ug/L)
delta-9-tetrahydroannabinol (cannabis)2ug/L
lysergic acid diethylamide1ug/L
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)10ug/L
6-monoacetylmorphine (heroin)5ug/L

There are also legal limits for prescription drugs which we can advise further on. 

LD Legal Services know the law and the limits and can help any person who faces a Drink or Drug driving conviction - contact us for advice and assistance lucinda@ldlegalservices.co.uk or 01273030339. 

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