02 Jan

Drink Drive Rehabilitation Courses - What are they? Can I go on one and will it reduce my disqualification?

A Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course (DDRC) may be offered to a person who is Guilty of a Drink Drive offence (Driving whilst under the influence of excess alcohol, Being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of excess alcohol or Failing to Provide a specimen). It is courts who offer the course and having represented clients facing Drink Drive offences for a number of years, Lucinda Dore’s experience is that the majority of her clients who accept responsibility, show remorse and have not previously been convicted of a similar offence are offered the course if they request it.

We will always advise our clients (if suitable to undertake the course) to request from the courts the opportunity to complete it, to enable you the opportunity to reduce the length of your Disqualification, as we know the real impact that the loss of licence can have on a person, family, career and well being.

If suitable, we always advise our clients to choose their chosen course provider before they arrive at court as this will ensure you are prepared for your hearing and save time on the day, our clients tell us that being prepared for the hearing alleviates some of the stress incurred on the day, leaving us to deal with the court hearing for you. 

For advice, assistance and representation for a Drink Driving offence Lucinda Dore can be contacted on lucinda@ldlegalservices.couk. Lucinda has more information and details of courses available to assist you make your choice.

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