02 Jan


Avoiding a Disqualification

Some offences such as Drink Driving result in a Mandatory Disqualification but we will always assist any client to try and mitigate their offence to keep the length of the disqualification to an absolute minimum.

However, for certain other road traffic offences, such as driving without due care and attention, the court can exercise its discretion not to disqualify an offender. We can provide expert assistance in court to argue your case to avoid a disqualification by mitigating your offence and presenting the court with information about your personal circumstances to persuade them not to disqualify you.

Special Reasons

Where a person pleads or is found guilty of a Road Traffic Offence their licence will be endorsed with penalty points. There are some circumstances however in which an argument of Special Reasons can be made before the court. Special Reasons relate to the particular circumstances of the offence. If a court accepts that there are Special Reasons applicable to your case, whilst you would be Guilty of the offence, your licence would not be endorsed with penalty points for that offence.

Totting Up

In most cases however penalty points cannot be avoided.

Most drivers know that an accumulation of 12 or more points on a licence results in a ban from driving although there are some circumstances where a court can exercise their discretion not to disqualify a driver if they accept an argument that you would suffer ‘exceptional hardship’ if disqualified from driving. We will always assess each case on its own merits and can assist any driver to make an exceptional hardship application where appropriate.

Lucinda Dore Legal Services are able to advise and assist any person who faces a disqualification from driving if they have accumulated 12 points on their driving licence. We understand the implications of losing the ability to drive as it can, and in many cases does, have a huge affect on both our clients work and family commitments.

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